" I came to see Doina in October of 2019. I had been diagnosed with cancer 16 months prior. I had refused conventional treatment as I was concerned about the impact on my immune system and permanent damage caused by surgery. I had various viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections that were present in my system.


Using a variety of means including herbs from a Naturopath, Doina was able to help me understand and support me through the process to eradicate these infections. I noticed a substantial improvement of symptoms, which included a reduction of pain, inflammation and an increase in energy and more colour in my face.


I have also managed to reduce the size of the tumour by 50% or more. I have found Doina to be incredibly committed to providing the best assistance possible for my healing journey. I highly recommend her services."

Andrew James Darbyshire


"When I found Metatron Australia in 2018 my health was suffering, I was desperate, very stressed and no answers in sight.  In fact, I was given a handwritten piece of paper with 31 tests I had to get done by another Metatron Golden Dragon practitioner who told me there was nothing else she could do for me.  A quick history; I suffered migraines from 15 years of age, stomach issues that no one could diagnose, I was told at 25 my thyroids would need to come out as they were very "sick" then I would have to take pharmaceutical tablets for the rest of my life.  I suffered from bad period pains nearly all my life and had cancer cells in my uterus burnt at 21.  I was told at 47 I needed an IUD and was given a prescription for pharmaceuticals to stop my periods and force me into menopause.  I had soreness everywhere in my body (now they call it fibromyalgia) and had undiagnosed heart palpitations for many years.  I suffered from cholestasis of the liver with both my pregnancies, which meant both my girls were born 2 and 3 weeks prematurely or risk stillborn.    


One Consultation with Metatron Australia and I had answers, real answers to my symptoms that were not phantom or in my head.  I had information that I could understand.  For the first time in my life, I was given a real way to heal without surgery, pharmaceuticals or "a stab in the dark" outcome.  As a matter of urgency, I was put on a course of herbals by their Naturopath for parasites, bacteria, fungus, and other anomalies. 


I was put on a strict program to clean, repair and build my body that is still ongoing.  The health issues I had, have been with me for a long time, causing havoc all over my body, taxing my liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs.  And yet all conventional medicine wanted to do was take out organs and fill me with synthetic medicine!!    


The road to recovery was a learning curve for me.  It was new and it was healing issues down to my cellular level.  I have only praise for Metatron Australia and Lora for her dedication and professionalism, leaving no stone unturned for her clients.  Metatron Australia has a comprehensive number of professionals they work with all over the world.  Metatron Australia does this to provide every client with the best outcome you could possibly ask or want for.      


There is nothing, to my knowledge, that comes close to what Metatron Australia can give anyone looking for answers.  My health is improving day by day.  I have Metatron Australia to thank for this and will always be indebted. "

Ambar Culhane

Crookwell, NSW

"Metatron Australia is my new best friend! They gave me the power back to take care of my health. I now understand what is going on in my body and the system even provides a list of foods that are beneficial for me to eat and a list of foods that are not. It helps me to help my body to become the best version of herself, which gives the responsibility for my health back into my own hands.


I am very grateful for having Doina from Metatron Australia to help me every step of the way!"

Jacki Dirckx

Brisbane QLD

"Over many years I have dealt with weight issues despite clean eating, mild exercising, and a good healthy lifestyle. I visited many professionals in the medical field and given medication that worked for a time while I was taking them to find that I was putting the weight back on with a few more kilos on top. I became very disillusioned and frustrated. I was referred to see Lora at Metatron Australia. She was able to pinpoint my issues, then combining the help and knowledge of her Naturopath we started a recovery protocol to fix my inability to lose weight.  In just after 1 week I can confirm that I feel an increase of energy and overall feeling of wellbeing. I look forward to the next few weeks to the completion of my treatment."

Gail Iriarte

Manly NSW

"My daughter was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay at the age of 3. I was told by professionals and specialists that she would have a lot of difficulties with walking, talking, socializing and also learning. With Lora's help, guidance and support, she has proved them all wrong! She is now doing exceptionally well in all areas and is also attending mainstream schooling. I was referred to Lora by a friend and will be forever grateful for everything she has done for us and my daughter.  Her support and guidance have been priceless."

Sylva Toubia

Botany, NSW

"I had been suffering from nausea, vomiting and headaches for nearly 2 years and had close to given up hope finding out the cause and hoping to get better. Before my products were put together, I started by following the bad food list I was given and was so surprised to see what a difference it made in that short period of time. Once I started the actual protocol with the products the Naturopath customized for me, I would not believe the difference. Within days my nausea stopped, and I started to feel great! I had forgotten what it was like to not be constantly nauseous each day every day. I am now feeling so much better and stable and I am definitely going to see this through to the end. I am so glad I have been led to this path!

Leanne Powell

Crookwell NSW

"My son Elijah was diagnosed with Level 3 autism and global delay last year (2019). We did 10 hours of therapy a week and hardly saw any progress. My husband and I was so eager to help our little boy and we heard about Lora through a family friend.

In just as little as 3 months with Lora’s help, Elijah’s progress has been so great. His speech has improved, along with his receptive language. He has less tantrums and more eye contact. His teachers and therapists have seen such a great improvement with him, and he is interested in playing with other kids now! We still have quite a journey to go but I am confident enough to say I do see hope in Elijah’s future.”

Theresa Elagha

Sydney NSW

“Meeting Lora from Metatron Australia was quite literally the answer to our prayers. 

Our precious 6-year boy had been diagnosed with a chronic illness which shocked and rocked our world. 

As a family, we were crippled with worry, lack of sleep and a sense of abandonment from the so-called experts of modern medicine.

Feeling lost and powerless to turn things around it was then that we were led to Lora. 

The program opened our eyes, and we could now see through the dark whole we found ourselves in. Finally, after 4 months we were able to get to the ROOT CAUSE of our son’s diagnosis. 

Whilst he is still on an ongoing treatment plan and we are not out of the wilderness yet, what I can say is that I have renewed faith and our soon to be 7 year old went from having daily debilitating stomach pains and cramps to 3.5 months of ZERO pain to date. 

His mental block and decline in focus completely turned around and he is thriving academically, receiving 2 achievement awards in 3months and most notably our once energetic boy has found his bounce again and he is unbelievably full of energy and joy!! Just full of heart-warming happiness which had disappeared for a little while before meeting Lora. 

Lora is a beautiful, loving soul, so full of empathy, compassion, and an unwavering determination to help her clients overcome their illness never giving up no matter how big the challenge is!

A wealth of knowledge and expertise the likes of which I’ve never seen and yet she is always on hand to share that knowledge and provide support and guidance whenever we need it! 

So thankful for having met Lora, I highly and wholeheartedly recommend her services!! “


Sydney NSW